Prizmatik. is an urban lifestyle blog which is unique in the fact that it not only discusses news in fashion, art, and music, but it also highlights local young Black entrepreneurs and game changers in the DC/MD/VA area.  These are people who are creating ripples and waves in the worlds of fashion, art, journalism, and other important areas in our communities.  They exude the very qualities of a prism - varied and brilliant.

About the founder:

Khaya L. (aka singer/songwriter Lotus) is a 27-year old young Black woman from The Bronx, NY now residing in DC.  She is very fluent in the world of fashion, music, poetry, and more due to being a fashionista, musician, and poet herself.  She is proud of her Blackness and knows we are a light-filled people and loves to share that with others through many avenues, the main one being her blog.

Emulate a prism - be varied and brilliant.